Wednesday, September 26, 2012



The St. Tammany Library Foundation will hold its annual meeting of its members on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 at the meeting room of the Covington Branch.

Th  The St. Tammany Library Foundation was established in 2006, shortly after Hurricane Katrina devastated ed the Gulf Coast area.  One of our community library was severely damaged by water and it could no longer function as a library facility.  Another was completely destroyed by tornado force winds.

The St. Tammany Foundation was founded as a charitable non-profit 501 [c] 3 corporation to support the St. Tammany Public Library System in its recovery and to promote the long-range growth and development of library resources and services in the future.

  Now that a new Library is under construction to replace one of the facilities destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, the Foundation has become re-energized to focus on its broader mission.  The Foundation seeks build private support, to enhance the visibility of the role of the St. Tammany Library in the community, and to strengthen the public's support of our library system.

A volunteer community board directs the St. Tammany Library Foundation. The Board of Directors work closely with the Library staff to identify funding needs. The Foundation is separate from the Friends of the Library, although a member from the Friends sits on the Board of the Foundation.

Officers of the Foundation, elected at its last Board of Directors meeting on September 11 are as follows:

President                                    Argiro L. Morgan, PhD
1st Vice President                       Marie Louise Guste Nix
2nd Vice President                      Sharon Lo Drucker
Secretary                                    Ann Crigger Shaw
Treasurer                                    Michele Avery
Design Communicator               Carrie Lee Pierson Schwartz


The Honorable Kevin Davis
The Honorable Steve Stefancik
Rose Manchon
Madelon Nohra

Advisory Board of the St. Tammany Library Foundation

The Advisory Board members offer the Foundation’s Board of Directors their considerable experience to guide important decisions of the Board. The Foundation is grateful for their generosity of spirit and of time and their commitment to the mission of libraries as resources of lifetime learning in our community.

Mary Jane Becker, St.Tammany Community Activist
Lane Carson, LL.D., Director, Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs
Jeff Crouere, Media Commentator and former Director of the Louisiana Republican                                     Party
The Honorable Peter Gitz, Mayor of the City of Madisonville
Rebecca Hamilton, Director, State Library of Louisiana
Pam Ewing Lott, Author, Founder of Northshore Literary Society; Board of Directors of the Tennessee Williams Literary Festival
The Honorable Tom Schedler, Secretary of the State of Louisiana
Sandra Slifer, President of the League of Women Voters of St. Tammany Parish

For additional information, please contact Ann Shaw, Secretary of the Foundation, or Dr. Argiro Morgan, President.  Dr. Morgan’s email is; her phone number of 985.845.8727.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Which one of these St. Tammany Libraries is yours?

These are all your libraries if you are in St. Tammany Parish!   
Have you been to all of them yet?
Abita Springs Branch
Business Center
Bush Branch
Causeway Branch
Folsom Branch
Lacombe Branch 
Lee Road Branch
Madisonville Branch 
Mandeville Branch 
Slidell Branch

Saturday, September 8, 2012


The St. Tammany Library Foundation is gearing up to celebrate our parish library and to initiate an extensive charter membership drive across the parish.  To introduce the role of a library foundation to citizens of the St. Tammany Parish community, the Foundation host a number of parish-wide socials throughout the fall months.

The first is scheduled for  Sunday, September 30th at the lovely home of Jeannette Fischer in Mandeville.  Wine, cheese and hors d'oeuvres will set the tone for a convivial celebration of  literacy,  reading, and inquiry - all available in a variety of formats - for citizens of all ages  in our parish.

 Keep in touch by following our news blog as we tell the story of a fun-filled autumn that celebrates our parish's reputation as the best place for children and adults to live in the state of Louisiana.